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Health Insurance

Health Insurance
Guide for International Students Subscribing to National Health Insurance

International students   staying in Korea are subject to a mandatory subscription to National health Insurance from March 1, 2021.


Any international students staying in Korea without health insurance is subject to the mandatory subscription to the National health insurance of Korea from March 1, 2021.

Visa Type Enrollment Time
Overseas study(D-2) First entry
→ Alien registration date
Reentry → Reentry date
General training(D-4) Six months after
the entry date

No action is required from students, as they are automatically subscribed to health insurance by the NHIS.


Monthly Contributions for international students for 2021: KRW 43,490(for those who subscrive on March1 ) comprising
KRW 39,540 for April + KRW 3,950 (1/10th of the March contribution)
Reduction in Contributions
  • The reduction rate is changed form 50% per year to 70% to lessen the students’ financial burden.
    ※ The contribution for March 2021 is payable in ten installments to reduce the burden.
  • Monthly contribution : KRS 43,490= monthly contribution (KRW 39,540) + KRW 3,950(the first installment payment)
Contributions Payment
  • Due date : The contribution for the next month is due by the 25th of the current month (prepayment)
    - Example : Contribution for April 2021 → payable by March 25, 2021 (billed around the 10th of each month)
  • Payment method : Automatic transfer (from your bank account or credit card), website, NHISbranch office, bank
Applying for electronic billing, Automatic Transfer or Registering a Refund Account : Call or visit the website or NHIS branch office to apply.
  • You may apply for electronic (email or mobile) billing instead of receiving a paper bill.
  • Apply for automatic transfer debit for easy payment. Register a bank account to receive refunds quickly.

Insurance Benefits

The same benefits as the Korean citizens
  • Various benefits are available, including dental and oriental medical treatment, health checkups, and pregnancy and childbirth-related medical expenses
    (National Haengbok card)
  • The above is inapplicable to non-covered items, such as treatment for diseases that do not effect work or daily lie(example: plastic surgery).
  • Co-payment Rate : A person who receives medical care benefits bears part of the medical expenses as below.
    - Outpatient Medical Services : 30%~60% of the NHI, covering expenses (varies by medical care institution type and area)
    - Hospitalization Expenses : 20%

Disadvantages with Nonpayment of Contributions

Restrictions on Health Insurance Benefits
  • Health Insurance benefits at medical care institutions are unavailable from the first day of the month following the payment deadline until the contribution is fully paid.
Restrictions of Visa Extension
  • Your stay in Korea may not be extended by the Korea Immigration Service
Disposition on Default
  • The NHIS may demand payment by the specified period. Where a person fails to pay the insurance contributions by the specified period, compulsory
  • collection procedures to seize his/her real estate, automobile, deposit, and so on may proceed.

NHIS Inquiry/Consultation

033-811-2000 (Service in foreign languages(English, Chinese, Vietnamese and Uzbek available)
website :