International Student Services

Student Resources & Services

Gym (Fitness Center)

  • Location : Hyangseol dorm 1(1st floor), Hyangseol dorm 2( 1st basement)
  • Fee : 25,000 KRW($25 USD) ~ 80,000 KRW ($80 USD) following the period that you hope to register (1 month, 3 months, one semester)
  • Daily pass : 2,000 KRW ($2 USD)

Post Office

  • Location: Hyangseol dorm 1(1st floor)
  • Only postal services are available
  • You can find more information about delivery days and price on the website of Korea Post (

Shuttle Bus

  • Shuttle buses to Sinchang Subway Station are available for free. You can find several bus stops on campus or you can get on a bus at the back gate of campus. Buses depart 10minutes before subway departure time from the back gate bus stop.
  • Bus stops on campus : Hyangseol dorm 3, Hyangseol dorm 2, Library, College of Humanity, Campus back gate


Students can access to campus Wi-Fi by using the information below.
  • Name of Network : SCH
  • User ID : H + Student ID ex) H20210000
  • Password : 6 digit of your date of birth ex)011005
  • If you do not have student ID number(short term program participants), you need to register as a guest first.

Islamic Lounge

  • Location : Hyangseol dorm 1, 1st floor
  • Prayer room and lounge for Muslim students