International Student Services

Living on Campus


1) Free On-campus Medical Clinic
We have medical clinic on campus that students can visit.
The clinic is located in Hyangseol dorm 2 on the main entrance floor and it is free of charge.
The clinic is equipped with over-the-counter(OTC) medicines. If the symptoms are minor, the nurse on duty will help you. If not, the nurse will advise you to visit nearby clinic or hospital.
2) Walk-in Clinic vs. Hospital vs. University Hospital
If you are sick and it is not an emergency, you can go to a walk-in clinic (primary level).
If your symptoms are serious, you may go to Hostpital (secondary level) or University Hospital (highest level). Usually you need to make an appointment in advance when visiting Hospital or University Hospital. Going to Hospital or University Hospital is usually more expensive than walk-in clinic.


If you are alone and injured, call 119.
This is the emvergency number in Korea. 119 is the emergency access number for fire reports, rescue requests or emergency medical services in Korea. When foreigners dial 119, a translator will be available to instruct the callers. Give them your address and they will send help.
For emergency assistance, or to report a crime, call 112 for police (available 24-hour interpretation service).

Although Korea is safe country, you should always protect yourself by thinking and acting safely. Never walk alone at night and never go anywhere with a stranger, even if they seem friendly.
Remember, be safe and walk in well-lit areas only.

Money Exchange

To exchange money, visit Shinhan Bank located in No.7 building on the SCH campus map. Please make sure bring your passport or Alien Registration Card for identification.

  • Opening hours : Monday – Friday 9:00AM ~ 4:00PM

ATMs on Campus

  • Location : Hyangseol dorm1, 2, 3, College of Humanities, Unitopia Building(1st floor), Shinhan bank, Administration Building
  • The ATMs in the College of Humanities, Unitopia Building and Shinhang bank accept international cards.
  • You may also try ATMs nearby any convenience stores in Shinchang.

Convenience Stores on Campus

Hakseongsa dorm1, Hyangseol dorm1,2,3, Student Union Building, College of Natural Science Building, Library, College of Humanities Building, College of Engineering Building, Uitopia Building, Multimedia Building

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