Exchange Program

Important Note

Students who wish to participate in the Study Abroad Program should first contact the exchange program coordinator at their home university.

Application Process Overview - New student

Step 1. Prepare the following documents
  • Official University Transcript (in English)
    An unofficial transcript or a transcript printed from the internet is not acceptable
  • Scanned COLOR copy of your passport
    A passport is required to issue an acceptance letter for your visa if you are accepted into the program
  • Tuberculosis Clearance (AFTER ACCEPTANCE)
    To live in the dorms, a tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray dated within 1 months of the dorm move-in date is required.
    If positive, a chest X-ray is required. Students are required to submit either of the test results AFTER THIER ACCEPTANCE.
Step 2. Fill out the online application and upload the documents above

Application Process Overview - Returning Student

Step 1. Fill out the online application and submit it
Step 2. After submitting the Online Application, download the nomination form below.

You need to submit a nomination form and it should be signed by the Study Abroad advisor (or equivalent) from your home university.

Step 3. Wait for the SCH Study Abroad advisors further instructions.