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How to make a transcript request

To make a transcript request, complete the request form below and pay the transcript fee through the PayPal. The PayPal payment will pop up once you submit the Transcript request form. Transcript request fee may vary depending on how many transcripts you would like to send. If you would like to send it to more than 1 location, please submit the form according to the number of the location and pay for each location.

EX) Transcript fee example
  If you are sending 1 transcript to one location - $41($1 transcript fee + $40 Express mail fee)
  If you are sending 3 transcripts to one location - $43($3 transcript fee + $40 Express mail fee)
  *If you are requesting transcript more than one location, you will have to submit the Transcript Request Form according to the number of the locations

※ Please click on the Domestic Transcript Request button to make a Domestic Transcript Request
※ If you did not receive email within 5 days from us after making the payment, please email to
Once we confirm your transcript request and your payment, we will send it to you and this may take up to 10 days.
Domestic Transcript Request

Transcript Request Form

Type of Document(required)
Total Number of Documents,
1$ charge per document (required)
Your First Name (required)
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Your Email (required)
Year of Your First Semester at SCH
Term of Your First Semester at SCH
Name of Person to Receive (required)
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Keep in mind we do not process the transcript request until payment is made. Do you understand this?

We will email you an EMS tracking number that can be tracked here :