Exchange Programs

Exchange Program Checklist

5Passport & Student VISA


If you do not have a passport, apply for one immediately. You cannot travel to Korea without a passport. 

If you have a passport, double check the passport expiration date and it has to be valid during your stay.


Once you receive your “Certificate of Admission”, please make sure all your information (name, date of birth, nationality, intended study period, etc.) on the certificate is correct.

The next step is to apply for a Student VISA. You must obtain a Student VISA to study in Korea. It is very important that you contact your nearest Korean embassy or consulate to find out exactly what documents you need to get a student VISA. 

Many Korean embassies have their own slight variations. A couple of documents (copy of Business Registration and Certificate of Business Registration of the university) that you likely need when you apply for your VISA are sent to you by email. 

Some Korean consulates and embassies require them and some don’t. Many consulates and embassies allow you to apply for a VISA in person or by mail.


4Alien Registration
If you are staying in Korea for more than 90 days, you have to register as a foreigner at the​

immigration office and you have to register your finger print.

International office will assist you with this alien registration process.


ID Photos

You will need to have your ID photo taken for Immigration. 

Your photo will be taken at SCH during orientation. 

It costs5,000 won (~$4 USD)and this is mandatory.

3What to Bring

- Packing


Be sure to check with the airline regulations for international travel weight limits. 

Don’t pack too much. Closet space is limited so please pack conservatively. 

You’ll be here for only 4 months and incidentals can all be purchased here, as you need them. 

Larger size clothing (for both men and women) is difficult to find in Korea and a shopping trip to a larger city is required.

Korea has four traditional seasons –hot summer, cool fall, cold winter and warm spring. 

Look on the Internet for average temperatures during the months you will be here.


- Prescription medication


We recommend bringing prescription medication that can last the duration of the program. 

If this is not possible, bring a typed prescription form from your doctor for refillable prescription medications.


- Laptop


If you have one, it is strongly advised for you to bring it. If you don’t have one, and want one, it is suggested that you buy one 

before coming to Korea as they will generally be more expensive here. 

There are some computer labs in some campus areas (free for student use) and PC rooms (nominal cost) near campus. 

The dorm rooms are internet ready with Ethernet connections.


- Campus WIFI


We have free Wi-Fi on campus. You can log-in with your student ID and Date of Birth.

Electronic and Electrical Goods


The voltage system in Korea is 220V. A 110V item (used in many countries –US, Canada, Mexico and others) 

will burn out as soon as you turn it on (especially video game consoles). 

Laptops and some other electronic/electrical products can be used around the world with a proper plug adapter. 

Plug adapters can be purchased very cheaply here. 

Buying a full transformer is unnecessary, however if need one you can purchase it in Korea for about $50.

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2Finances, Money

The good news is food is inexpensive in Korea. Meals in campus cafeterias cost between $4 - $10 and from $6 – $10 at restaurants near campus.


It is suggested that you initially bring between $1,000(USD) with you to Korea –some of this amount in cash and the rest available in your home bank account. Money for photos, student ID card, alien registration card etc. will be collected during orientation. Please make sure you enough Korean won to pay for everything.


Exchanging Money

You can exchange your home currency into Korean WON before you leave home or at Incheon Airport.US dollars and other common international currencies can be exchanged at most banks in Korea including the bank on campus 

1Initial Costs and Fees


There will be some initial fees and costs during orientation and within the first couple of weeks. Some are mandatory and some are optional. Please have enough Korean won to pay for your required costs.


1. Room key deposit -10,000won

(Paid on the day you arrive. Reimbursed when you check out of the dorms)

2. Alien card registration -30,000won

3. ID Photo for immigration purpose–5,000won

4. Health insurance – TBA

5. Student ID card –5,000 won

6. Bedding -40,000(optional)