Exchange Programs


  • Korean Classes are NOT mandatory and students can take up to 4 Korean classes.
  • There will be no Korean placement test. Please read syllabus and register for courses.
  • It will not show up the level of the Korean courses on your official transcript.
  • Maximum : 18 credits / Minimum : 16 credits
  • Cultural Internship Discussion(CID) is optional, but everyone who participating language exchange must attend this class even if you are not taking as credit course.
  • Student can only take 1 culture course.(2 courses available)
  • Evaluation system of Cultural Internship class and culture classes is Pass or Fail.
  • "★" courses are for Zhejiang Police University students, but these courses are also open to other students.
  • SCH University do not allow student to drop class after official class change term.
  • All of the International Studies courses adhere to the government mandated grading policy: (A+, A) - 30% of class, (A+ ~ B) - 65% of class