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Department of Global Open Major
About The Department of Global Open Major

The Department of Global Open Major goal is

to cultivate students with customized talents, global communication skills and demonstrate their major capabilities on the world stage. The curriculum of the Global Open Major is teaching Korean language education and general education in Freshmen year. From the Sophomore year, students choose their major that suits their aptitude.

Korean Language as a Foreign Language
Korean Language as a Foreign Language goal is to cultivate Korean education experts who recognize the role of Korean language in the international community and explore new directions in Korean language education. The students will complete the Korean Language as a Foreign Language course curriculum. After graduation, students will be qualified to get the ‘Certificate of Korean language teacher.’
Korean Language as a Foreign Language Curriculum

Major Fundamental
  • Korean language
  • Read Text form a written language
  • Foundation of writing
  • Understanding of Korean sentence structure
  • Korean composition 1
  • Taking advantage of the Korean language using media1
  • Understanding of Korean Culture
  • Korean conversation 1
  • Korean reading 1
  • Taking advantage of the Korean language using media2


Major Fundamental
  • Understanding Language
  • The understanding of spoken words
  • Understanding Culture
  • Introduction to Korean Linguistics
  • Korean conversation 2
  • Korean reading 2
  • Korean composition 2
  • Introduction to Korean Language Education
  • Studies in Korean vocabulary education
  • Advanced Korean Grammar
  • Korean vocabulary and speech
  • An introduction to Korean literature for foreigners


  • Advanced Korean Grammar
  • Theories in Korean Pronunciation Education
  • Studies in Teaching Korean Expression
  • Korean History and Traditional Culture
  • Discussion and Announcement
  • Korean Phonology
  • Studies in Teaching Korean Comprehension
  • Studies in Teaching of Korean Culture
  • Theories in Korean Grammar Education
  • Modern Korean Culture
  • Korean method of teaching methods using multimedia
  • Advanced TOPIK lectures


  • Theory of language teaching
  • Contrastive Linguistics
  • Introduction to Korean literature
  • Norm of Korean Language
  • Korean Writing Method
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Practice of Teaching Korean as a Foreign Language
  • Studies in Korean Language Testing
  • Development of Korean Language educational materials
  • Studies on Korean Textbook Development
Korean Language as a Foreign Language required credits to graduate

*Students who are enrolled in year 2017 and 2018 curriculum is different. Please contact Global Open Major office for the detail.